Having the right people recommending your brand can make all the difference when it comes to retail sales. 

By using a Pro Deal program, you can connect with retailers that stock your products and offer brand incentives to their associates. After all, an associate that is aware of your products and has used them before will be much more likely to recommend your brand to customers.

By choosing a Pro Deal program with Wranx, not only do you get a verified service that provides discounts to the right people, you also get bespoke training that educates participants about your brand.

  • How Wranx can help:
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  • Screenshot 2021-10-27 at 16.58.20 Improve brand advocacy amongst retailers

    Screenshot 2021-10-27 at 16.58.20Increase product sales

    Screenshot 2021-10-27 at 16.58.20Educate participants so they become product experts

    Screenshot 2021-10-27 at 16.58.20Ensure the right people are accessing your Pro Deal program


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How The North Face use Wranx as a Pro Deal platform to improve brand knowledge & advocacy amongst retailers


For the past 3 years, Wranx has provided a successful Pro Deal program that enables colleagues in Wholesale outlets to improve their knowledge of The North Face® products, and consequently their confidence and ability to sell them, while gaining easy access to Pro Deal discount rewards.

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Ensure that the right people access discount

With Wranx, you get peace of mind that only validated users will be able to access the platform and redeem a discount.  Any new participants are subject to verification checks when they first sign up, along with re-verification checks every 12 months. Wranx also has a User Admin Area, which delegates the ability to add and remove users to store managers and other privileged users to ensure that only the right people have access to Wranx.



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An easy to access platform that is reflective of your brand identity

Wranx is available across all internet-connected devices, and can be accessed via the mobile app (available to download on the Apple and Android stores) or through any internet browser. The platform can also be fully whitelabelled to match your brand guidelines. All outgoing emails can also be personalised and branded with your own logos, styling and messaging.





Educate participants with microlearning

Turn associates into product experts with bite-sized learning that can be completed in just 2-3 minutes a day. Wranx facilitates personalised learning through Spaced Repetition – information is broken down and presented to learners at increasingly spaced intervals, depending on their confidence with their answers. This regular reinforcement of knowledge is scientifically proven to aid long-term memory retention.



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Training modules specific to your organisation

The Wranx Content Team can work closely with subject matter experts from your company to produce bespoke training modules that accurately showcase the quality and performance of your products, whilst also conveying the heritage of your brand and company. Already got your own content? Use our powerful authorware tool to upload your own training questions.




Actionable Insights

Wranx provides a powerful analytics platform that reports on numerous metrics and gives insights into training initiatives across multiple cohorts. Engagement levels, training time provided, and knowledge retention levels can be derived from the available dashboards and exports at an individual and store level as required.

Wranx also offers bespoke reporting to stakeholders on user numbers, performance and modules. Details include the training time, questions answered, modules engaged in per user, along with summary totals across the different modules that are running with self-enrollment.

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Curated training library


A curated training library

Not all stores may stock the same products, which is why we have introduced self-enrolment, where learners can enrol on modules that are most relevant to them. This ensures that the training provided is pertinent to each user, and can also align to seasonal ranges or new product launches. Upon completion of a module, learners can also be rewarded with a downloadable digital certificate.




Off-the-shelf content

In addition to this, we also have a range of off-the-shelf retail and outdoor modules, including:

• Customer Service 101
• Retail Sales Techniques
• In-Store Health and Safety
• An Introduction to Trail Running
• An Introduction to Snowsports
• An Introduction to Camping


Off-the-shelf content


Video Testimonial

Mark Williams, CEO at Wranx, joins Matt O’Grady, Senior Training Manager at The North Face®, to discuss their Pro Deal program and the benefits they have seen so far:


“Wranx has been a great partner. I think the aspect I have been most impressed by is their willingness to innovate and also understand our business. They want to make sure that the platform is working for our business as much as possible.

We have been able to work on several special projects in order to accomplish this. We are excited about how we can work together to create the most engaging training website in the outdoor industry.”

- Matt O’Grady, Senior Training Manager at The North Face®


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